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Health & Safety

riggerinharnessBeacon Comms as a company is only involved in telecommunications related works, and therefore our Health and Safety is tailored specifically to this. We are proud of our Health and Safety record at Beacon Communications, and feel that our Riddor free accident record speaks for itself.

Beacon Comms is accredited with Lloyd's Electrical Safety Management, which enables us to work on live line High Voltage electricity pylons for Central Networks. In addition, our Health and Safety procedures have been approved by Western Power Distribution, and we are their sole electricity pylon approved telecommunications contractor.

As we carry out a wide range of activities, we are frequently involved in notifiable projects under CDM, in all roles, most commonly designer, PC1 and contractor, on the site build of a new telecommunications installation.  Beacon Comms has been actively involved in many sites under Construction Design and Management Regulations , either as Designer, Principal Contractor, Planning Supervisor, or Contractor. Beacon Comms must undertake the Principal Contractor role on any site involving an electricity pylon, so that they have full control over all of the operations on site as part of the design, build and commissioning programme.

Our bespoke Job Management System automatically profiles employees for each job they are assigned to. If an employee does not have certain qualifications or accreditations, the Job Management System flags this up to the project manager when they are assigning the employee to the work.

We have established and regularly audited reporting procedures in place to cover accidents or incidents.  In addition to internal audits, we instruct external audits from Lloyd's to ensure we remain compliant with the Lloyd's Electrical Safety Management accreditation.  We would invite and promote any audits you may wish to carry out, and always treat any feedback as useful and beneficial to our Health and Safety procedures as a whole, thus giving a safe working environment for our clients, employees, contractors, and the wider public.

As Beacon Comms has its roots in the utilities companies, we have always been accustomed to working to the very high standards of Health and Safety required by Electricity Boards.  Our health and safety systems originate from work alongside Electricity Distribution networks, governed by the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

We feel that our Lloyd's Electrical Safety Management and Achilles Verify accreditations are testament to the above.

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