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Beacon Comms | Services | Pylon Design, Build & Install

Pylon Design Build and Installation

Personnel Qualifications - Our personnel are qualified and accredited to climb National Grid and most DNO pylons.  Our staff are reqularly trained and interviewed to ensure their qualifications and working practices are up to date.  As with all our training this is automatically monitered and regulated within our bespoke job management system.

Preferred telecoms contractor - Beacon Comms is the only preferred telecoms contractor for Western Power Distribution and Central Networks, this is due to our proven track record within the telecoms industry and our in depth knowledge of the Utilities Environment and its associated rules and regulations.  Our project management teams are able to adapt to both the telecoms and utilities industries to maximise results in both areas.

Lloyds Accreditation - Lloyds are regarded are THE leading health and safety auditors and we are pleased to be able to state that Beacon are the only telecoms contractor accreditated by Lloyds for our health and safety management.  This enables us to climb DNO electricity pylon.

Established G78 Pylon Solutions - Beacon Comms were one of the first companies to develope a G78 compliant design solution for electricity pylons. We are still actively involved in the design and build of telecoms intallations on electricity pylons.

REC Power Facilitation and Enabling Works - We have for many years been providing our services in assisting with the provision of G78 compliant power solutions on electricity pylons.  From supply and installation of G78 ducting through to the latest in isolating transformers we can be a deciding factor in the provision of a long term power supply to the site.











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