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Project Management

Project Management

 Our highly experienced project management teams are formed into project specific pods, which allow us to match the clients own working practices and procedures.  This neurological approach has proven instrumental in the industry renowned successes we have enjoyed on behalf of our clients.  Similarly we are able, if required, to develop our own project management strategy as part of a total turnkey solution.

 Our experience means we are able to assess projects and supply solutions to your needs.  Another of our strengths is that we allow our team structure to morph to suit the project specific client organisation.  This gives our clients assurance that contract completion is as successful and swift as possible.

 An extremely beneficial tool we have developed is our bespoke in house project management system.  This coordinates site/office communication, health and safety, training, quality and accounting.  Our communication infrastructure facilitates the exchange of data and documents electronically between field and office ensuring rapid real time transfer of project documentation.

 We have strategically positioned regional offices with the same project management structure which provides continuity of service across the UK.

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