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Site Surveying

Beacon Comms offers the complete range of site surveying services. Surveys can be carried out either on a site by site basis or within in a complete site management solution whereby we hold your database and ensure that your portfolio is correctly managed and if necessary properly invoiced.  We pride ourselves on the level of reporting we offer and the open channels of communication that we have with the client.

Following are just some examples of surveying we complete.

Tower Equipment Auditing - Beacon are able to offer climbing tower audit Safe to Climb Inspections to ensure that all items on a tower are properly identified and ownership is established.  Tower Equipment Auditing can prove to be a worthwhile investment as the increased revenue can often more than offset the cost of the audit.

Line of Site Surveys - Beacon have a wealth of experience in carrying out line of site surveys for many microwave networks.  This is then supported by a full report as required by our clients.  We are able to access all types of structure, and infact are the only approved telecoms contactor for WPD and Central Networks electricity pylons which makes us an excellent one stop solution.

Tower Structural Survey - Our structural surveyors are able to accurately survey, record and report on the structural condition and configuration of towers.  This is vital in either tower conditions surveys or structural analysis reports.

Upgrade Surveys - Our experienced project management team are able to survey sites and provide the solution to your upgrade needs.  From the client providing us with a fully detailed programme to receiving literally just a list of site names we are able to plan the logistics required and execute the task.

Design Surveys - Our competent in house design department are able to capture the details of the site to enable us to produce a full set of drawings for all site types.  We are highly skilled in the production of planning and proposal drawings to clearly illustrate the required works.

Geotechnical Soil Surveys - We are able to offer the specialised service of soil surveys and ground investigation reports to establish site suitability.

Ground Penetrative Radar Surveys - We provide non destructive GPR surveys to establish services locations.

Lightening Protection Systems Checks - As before we can offer a completely managed solution for this reporting to ensure that the sites are compliant.

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